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Wimbledon Infographic

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wimbledon

Okay, so Scotland may not be known for it’s national football team but we are proud to support Andy Murray during Wimbledon! He is an inspiration and proves that we Scots can achieve big things – it’s all in the training.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Check out some Wimbledon goals that have been smashed in this infographic.

Credit: Matinée Multilingual | Voice over agency

Back on Track on the road to fitness

Hey Guys,

Last week I posted before my session that I had let myself down diet wise and was expecting a gain and so it proved with 5lb on being the result on the scales. This week I’ve tried to get myself refocused and back on track, watching more carefully what I was eating and increasing my activity levels and it has paid off. I really enjoyed last nights session with Kenny and Ants, 16km on the bike in 30 mins and then working hard on the weights circuit for half an hour, going through dumb bell chest presses, lat pull downs, straight 10kg Arm rows on the first circuit, Deadlifts, side pulls and bicep curls on the second then leg extenders, shoulder presses and kettle bells on the last.

The hour flew past and afterwards although I was a little sore I felt great. Even on the weeks that there are weight gains there are so many positives for me to take away that although disappointing I am still really happy overall with how things are going.

I stepped on the scales at the end and was happy enough with a 3lb loss and I need to keep focused now and replicate this week on week and really start bringing the weight down. There are always gonna be good days and bad days, but I need to try and limit the bad and just remind myself how good it feels to see a lower number on the scales when I am about to make bad choices.

The graphic shows how thin the line is between making simple good decisions and simple bad decisions and at this size, the effect it could have on me. Here’s to staying in the zone this week and aiming to get back down and then under my lowest weight since I started this “journey”.

As always thanks for all your support, it is, as always appreciated and hopefully next week I am returning with tales of further improvements both in terms of weight and attitude.



Falling off the wagon….and getting back on

Hi Guys

Been three weeks since I last posted and before I signed off I was determined to come back under 25st. I don’t think come weigh in tonight that will be the case. See the problem is, I kinda fell off the wagon and let myself down in terms of my diet. It’s been abysmal, the week before we jetted off it was takeaway city as didn’t wanna buy food that could go to waste (silly, you betcha), plus I was away with work and in holiday mode there as well thinking I had 3 weeks to burn it off (again not one of my brighter ideas).

The good thing now though is I have had my blow out, I’ve ate and drank what I wanted and now is the time to knuckle back down. I did keep up the exercising but you cant out-train a bad diet. Doing 20 lengths of the hotel pool almost every day (except during thunderstorms and heavy rain) and walking on average 5 miles or more a day so it could have been worse.

The batteries are now recharged and I have re-focused (yet again) and the main thing is not to give up. I’m only human, I will make mistakes and bad choices, I will mess up now and then, but I will dust myself down no matter how bad the result tonight and strive to ensure that over the coming weeks and months that i’m back into control mode and pointing anything I put in my mouth (I’m on WW you see so points are king). Making the small changes again that give the big results.

All your support is really appreciated and needed as always.

Time to make amends to my body



Martin's Fat to Fit Journal

My weird body

I’ve always had a weird body, in terms of shape, size and ways of working. It confuses me!. There’s weeks where I follow my diet to the letter, watch my alcohol intake, exercise more and make sure it’s getting everything it needs to lose weight, then I step on the scales and boom, 1lb or 2lb on. There’s other weeks where my diet has went to pot, I’ve had a hectic social life and been drunk a number of days, abused my body, only had the 1 gym session with no other exercise that week, I step on the scales and boom, 3lb off!!

My metabolism has got a lot better since I started attending the gym and my diet is night and day now. I consider what I’m putting into my body before I do it, I weigh up the pro’s and the con’s whereas before I just used to plough on regardless and if I wanted it I had it. That’s not to say I deny myself things, there will be times I go for it when I shouldn’t, but by and large I make sure I try and find a substitute, I look for the healthier option.

I’ve been big since I was born, coming in at 10lb 2oz at birth and I’ve grown at a steady rate since. I have been developing bad habits which will take time to change but rest assured they will change.

Last night I had a cracking session at the Gym. 22 Mins on the treadmill followed by Bench Presses, Deadlifts, Steps, Bicep curls, lat pull downs, straight pull downs, Kettle bell, Straight rows and side pulls. I felt great all the way through it although the sweat was lashing off me and the heart was deffo pumping.

The bit that annoyed me was the weigh in and the basis for this blog. I had watched what I’d been eating, knocking back takeaways and alcohol, I’d been more active than recent weeks away from the gym, I had hopes of a good weigh in and then the scales stop and I’m 1.2lbs up. I’m perplexed, but not downbeat, I can feel changes, I can feel differences, I can feel the good that’s coming from the workouts and the eating better.

The next 3 weeks will be a big test as I won’t be getting weighed or going to the gym and I go on holiday. I’m determined not to let it throw me off track though and will be keeping an eye on what I take in although I will also be enjoying myself. It’s about finding the balances.

I wanna come back under 25st as the 3 stone in 3 month challenge is still in effect, and trust me when I say I don’t wanna have to do the forfeit!!!.

If you are interested in joining Body Morph and starting your own journey check out the pricing here. It’s not as expensive as you think, and it’s the best money you will spend, cause it’s an investment in yourself!!.

Till next time…IT’S TIME TO SHINE PEOPLE!!!!!

The journey to fitness rolls on – Martin’s Fat to Fit Journal

Yet another week gone and I am that little bit further into the fat to fit journey, the backpack I’m carrying that little bit lighter, my muscles coping with a little bit more exertion. As sad as it sounds I love my Monday nights, it hurts, it leaves me sweaty and breathless and for the next two or so days its usually only my head that doesn’t bring out a groan when I move it, but dya know what, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

As always my wingman and brother Anthony was there beside me as we worked our way through tonights plan, expertly put together by Kenny. Normally I do 10 minutes on the bike but not tonight, tonight I was on the treadmill for the full half hour, mixing it up between walking, jogging and running. The treadmill I’m used to is in mph but the last two weeks I’ve been using a treadmill thats in km/h. I started off at 4.3km/h as a 5 min warm up then up to 5.3 which was my base pace for walking, with 1 and 2 minute bursts at 6.7 and 7.5km/h.

I’m not a massive fan of the treadmill, but then again is anyone? As the timer made it’s way to zero my legs grew wearier, I’m by no means the fat Mo Farah, I aint gonna trouble any distance or speed records, but even at my slowest I am going faster than I have in the previous 20 years. I like to set myself targets, it motivates me, I like to beat the week before’s numbers, I like to see the progression in real numbers to re-inforce the feeling of progression. Doing so gives me a buzz that’s difficult to describe, a right good sense of “I’m getting there” mixed with pride at how my body is changing to meet and beat these challenges!.

As much as I’m not a fan of the treadmill, the weights I do enjoy, it’s mind over matter, the feeling as your muscles burn with every rep, each machine working different muscles, within the same part of your body, the gritting of teeth as those little weights you were thrusting skywards on the first 8 reps turn to slabs of granite for 9,10,11 and finally 12.

Me taking the strain as I start my chest press

Me taking the strain as I start my chest press

Tonight’s weight circuit consisted of the 3 mini circuits with 3 sets of 12 reps on each exercise. Starting off with bicep curls. I got a lucky break on my first set as after I had finished on them, Ross wanted to use them for another client so Kenny decided to up our weights, which delighted Ants no end. I did allow myself a smile, till I realised I still had to do another 2 sets of them so would be feeling the difference in 10 mins or so. After the bicep curls it was vertical pull downs then deadlifts. The next mini circuit saw seated pull downs, Butt to Bosu (Although I swapped the bosu for an Aerobic step, which seemed a lot futher away for my butt to find), and my second ever attempt at the chest bench press (which you can see beside here). As I’m typing this I can actually feel it starting to seize up so it’s deffo worked something haha.


Whilst I was doing my butt to bosu Anthony was having his first ever attempt on the climber. A strange looking contraption (See right) that no doubt I will get to visit but Anthony’s that little bit ahead of me in terms of fitness (He’s at least Kilmarnock to my Royal Albert in footballing terms).

The brother is a total inspiration, seeing the change in him is one of the big reasons I got into this journey. He’s lost a fair amount of timber and overcame some big challenges and look at him now, a flying machine. If I get to half the level of fitness that he’s achieved over the past 4 or 5 years then I will have won a watch, but it’s not just watching him in the gym, it’s the little bits of advice he passes on, it’s the encouragement he gives me when the going’s tough, it’s the arm round the shoulder or kick up the arse after a bad scales visit. He seem’s to know what to say and when! (I will take that twenty quid in note form bruv haha).

Talking of inspirations Kenny is right up there too, he has his ways of getting you to do things you don’t think you can, he knows how to get you ticking and he lets you know, not in a bad way, that you can do better when you’ve let yourself down in terms of end goals. One of the biggest things about Body Morph, as I said in the last blog is the people there, All shapes, All sizes, all there for the same thing!.

Anyway back to the last circuit as I’m waffling a bit, the end was in sight with just 3 more exercises to go, so it was Kettle Bell, Side Pulls and straight arm rows to finish, 108 reps left in sets of 12 reps, Job done it was time for the weekly weigh in. I was looking to lose this week again as my 3st in 3 months challenge continued although I had to let Ants go first as my legs were shaking like Elvis at the height of his popularity. I’d been watching carefully what I was eating as the diet is more important really than the hour’s workout, You can’t out-train a bad diet, I’ve seen this first hand haha.

Tina has been immense the last couple of weeks (I say weeks, I mean years) to help me get back on track, and I’ve ate really lovely food, Steak, Chicken, Spicy Mexican Quinona, Actifry chips so it’s not been all rabbit food and pulses (although there have been some obvs!). I stepped on the scales and the digits started climbing faster than the guy who’s set the climber record in the gym (114 in a minute!!! Well impressed) but then they suddenly stopped. Last week they stopped at 161.4, this week at 160.4kg and I was another 2.2lb closer to reaching the end of this particular leg of the journey and my weight now sitting at 25st 3.6lbs which is down from 25st 6lb.

There have been so many kind words, so many words of encouragement and every one of them means the world to me. It sounds cheesy and corny but it’s true so thank you to each and every one of you who has been there for me at any and every stage of this journey.

If I can do it, so can you, so why not get in touch with Kenny and the guys here at Morph Towers and start your very own journey. Take it from me, it will be up there with the best decisions you ever make

Till next week thanks for reading




My Bodymorph Experience

Hi Guys

Some of you may already know my story but some of you may not. My name is Martin, until February last year I was a shambles fitness wise, my weight was ballooning out of control, my blood pressure all over the place and I was on a one way ticket to an early grave. The idea of doing any kind of workouts or fitness gave me the absolute fear. I had tried diets in the past but never lasted that long and I was growing more and more unhappy with my body which left me feeling depressed in general.

My brother had joined Body Morph three years before hand and had made great progress and was always saying how good it was and how good he felt, I used to just laugh as I tucked into another takeaway or drank another double jack and coke, but after stepping on the scales just before Christmas in 2014 and seeing the scales creep over 29st I thought I might as well give it a bash as it couldn’t be any worse than what I was doing just now. I started following Weightwatchers Pro Points for the first month before my initial consultation at the end of January.

I came down to Morph Towers and spoke to Kenny, explained to him what I wanted to do and he in turn told me that he could only help me if I really wanted to help myself which I did. There was a lot of trepidation stepping into the unknown, would I look ridiculous, would I be able to do what was asked of me, would I have a heart attack on the first session as I hadn’t really done any physical activity since I stopped playing football at under 21’s (I was 32 by this stage so over 12 years). He took my measurements and the Weightwatchers had started to work as I was down from 29st 3lb to 27st 6lb but this was common when I started a diet before it tailed off and I got bigger than I was before I started.

I still remember my first session, where I got a taster for some of the machines I would be using in the coming weeks and months and something just felt right. I actually really enjoyed it, cycling on a bike that I knew the wheels wouldn’t buckle on (exercise bike), Walking on the treadmill, and working every muscle group in a mini circuit. I was a sweaty mess and I ached all over, but d’ya know what….it felt great, it’s hard to describe it, it felt like I was finally taking control of my body.

The next morning when I woke up I went to move out of bed, my legs had decided that wasn’t happening haha, I ached all over for the next couple of days as I’d been using muscles that hadn’t done anything like this in a long long time, but I couldn’t wait for my next session. The weeks turned into months and the weight came off slowly but surely, I even felt fit enough to take part in my first every 5k. My body was doing things I never thought it could. I was talking about Bicep Curls, Deadlifts, Lat Pulldowns, Shoulder presses and Planks, I was actually going out running at home, I bought dumbells to work out when I work from home as my job is predominately sedentary.

By August I was at my lowest weight in years of 24st 8lb. The scales are important but they are only one part of the entire journey, There are so many other gains, my blood pressure is stable, my resting heart rate normal, my general levels of fitness are way higher than they have ever been. I no longer get out of breath doing simple tasks, I walk a lot more.

It’s a journey though and it’s not all sweetness and light, it’s hard work and sometimes I find myself lapsing into bad habits, I find the weight creeping back on, especially over the Christmas period. and I’ve found the chains of 25st hard to break from. At the time of writing this I am 25st 6lb weight wise but my entire body shape has changed and I am 100x happier with my body than I was before I started coming to Morph Fit. I need to refocus on the weight loss and have a bet on with Kenny about a certain target by a certain time, which I will reveal on here in good time.

I firmly believe that starting personal training with Body Morph is one of the best things I have ever done. I feel more confident than ever, I feel fitter than ever and I feel a whole lot healthier.

One of my favourite things about Morph Towers is that everyone’s in it together, because it’s a private facility with personal sessions it’s never overcrowded, theres not a wait on the machines, there’s no posers flexing in the mirror for hours while taking selfies, theres no looking down at anyone, It’s just people of all ages and sizes trying to improve their lifestyle. The PT’s are first class, always trying to help out and give advice. It’s a great family friendly environment and that’s a testament to Kenny and the guys who encourage that kind of atmosphere.

I will continue to update my story as it moves on but thanks for taking the time to read this, and if it inspires even one person to contact Kenny to start their own journey then I would be delighted