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Beat Tinto For Beatson #T25

#T25 Update:

Perfect conditions for our 25th Tinto run. No wind, sunny and 20c. 3rd fastest time recorded to date 55.56min so a good day all round. Our fundraising page saw a nice bit of activity as well thanks to Ashley, Susan and Scott. Thank you for your support and well done on beating Tinto!

With the gift aid we have passed the £2.5k mark now which is amazing. Looking forward to hitting the halfway mark this week then we can start to count it down!

Thank you again for all your continued support and encouragement


Beat Tinto For Beatson #T23 & #T24

Beat Tinto For Beatson Update: #T23 & T24:

It was a slow & tired T23 with a time of 63min, but after a two week break to recharge the batteries it was good to be back on Saturday. T24 was a better effort hitting 56.53min. So back on track and looking forward to the 2nd half of the challenge.

Everyone’s support is priceless, I was especially inspired with the Beatsons post of our event this week highlighting that we are at the halfway point.. thank you


Beat Tinto For Beatson #T22

#T22 Update:

Tinto was hiding under the clouds today for the 22nd climb. It was a laboured effort but still under the hour mark at 58.03min which finally evens the score at 11-11 and nearly 11mins ahead of schedule. Again this week we have received more pledges and sponsorship thank you very much every penny counts !



#T21 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T21 Update:

The weather was beautiful for the 21st Tinto, sunny & 17c. Cal had earned his rest after two weeks back to back. Time was 57.04 min so not too bad. We are now nearly 10mins inside the 52hr target and hoping to add to the total this week coming. With gift aid we are now through the £2k barrier thank you as always for your continued support!




#T20 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T20 Update:

After the excitement of the Team Beatson day on #T18, the last couple of weeks have been difficult with fatigue & a virus, all credit to Rod & Cal who have been keeping me going and surprisingly I managed 58.50min last Sunday. Hoping for better this week as the countdown to halfway is looming close. Thank you again for all your continued support we are now approaching the £2K mark ! Putting this into perspective £1.5K funds the running of the Beatson Well-Being Centre for one day !

If you would like to donate lease follow the link: www.justgiving.com/beattintoforbeatson


Thank You


#T19 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T19 Update:

After the fantastic weather and support from both the Beatson and Body Morph clients last week it was back to normal this week. Leggings and rain jacket were back on as the temperature dropped and rain returned, we even had a clap of thunder. The good news was that the conditions were perfect for my four legged friend as Cal returned for his 13th climb. Physically it was tough this week and having Cal pull me up and down was a great help! It was very much a consolidation week as we clocked 60.14min not bad under the circumstances.

Well done again to everyone who participated last week especially Christine who’s personal efforts have raised an amazing £250 towards the total!

#T18 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T18 Update:

Saturday April 20th was the day we turned Tinto yellow! Thank you to everyone who came along both from the Beatson and from Body Morph Fitness. The sun was shining and the conditions were perfect. The hill was extremely busy but despite the heat I was up and down in 55.07min which is a new record. We are now 5 minutes ahead of the clock. It was mission accomplished as we raised more awareness for the cause and added over £600 to our existing total which will take us through the £1500 mark ! Brilliant thank you all for your continued support.

Plenty of pictures to share this week plus drone footage will follow once it’s been edited.

If you’d like to join us for our next Turn Tinto Yellow event in the coming weeks please get in touch for details




#T17 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T17 Update:

Two climbs this week, despite the fantastic pictures provided by Ross, conditions were extremely tough on Saturday with the wind chill and strong winds. That aside my two companions hauled me up and down in a new best time of 55.27min thank you Ross and Rod !

We are now back level with the clock after slipping 15 min behind through the worst of the weather.

We are now looking forward to having a group session this Saturday coming with various starting times. First time out will be 10am, this is for anyone expecting to take 3hrs or more with the last start time around 1pm when I’ll have another go at beating my record.

Everyone is welcome, we’re all there for same reason to raise funds and awareness for the Beatson and the fantastic work that they do. Please get in touch if you’d like to take part.


Thank you you for all your help and support


#T16 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T16 Update:

Best day of the year by far! That’s one climb ahead of schedule now too! Rolled out my secret weapon (Cal) again for his 12th climb and he got his best time of 57.06min that’s 10.30min back against the clock in the last 3 climbs! Only hazard today was the farmer burning off the heather Cal didn’t like that as we had to run through the smoke. Saturday’s forecast is also good so looking forward hopefully to another good time.


Thank you you for all your continued support!