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Beat Tinto For Beatson #T52 the Finale!

T52 Update:

Well after 52 weeks the Tinto challenge is finally completed in a total time of 51hrs 55min !

December was the toughest month by far eating into the 1hr cushion that I had built up over the Summer with gale force winds, snow, Ice & freezing temperatures. But every climb was worth it as the total with gift aid approaches the £11K mark.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me, supported me and joined me over the last year making the challenge much more achievable! A special thank you to Rod for pushing me & pacing me up and down so many of the climbs and to my super Pup Cal who pulled me up and down in the worst conditions 19 times!…I know he’ll miss the hill more than me.

Thank you to Rod,Carol & Lynne  for coming to cheer me over the line for the last time on Boxing Day morning and to Andrew for taking the brilliant pictures that I’ll cherish.

Because of everyone’s sponsorship & generosity we have doubled the initial target and passed the magic £10K barrier which is the amount required that could fund the start up of a life saving research project!










Beat Tinto For Beatson #T51

T51 Update:

3rd Tinto in 6 days, pressure was on to get a respectable time after 3 poor times and tough conditions.. Before I went I was inspired after our target hit the £10K mark and after speaking to two individuals with their own cancer stories &  journeys on Saturday, if you read this blog I dedicate this climb to you both !

Did a wee bit of aquaplaning in the thick mud at the bottom of the hill as you can see from the picture but it was all worth it with a time of 59.17min.

Never thought we could achieve the £10K mark can’t thank you all enough



Beat Tinto For Beatson #T50

T50 Update:

Target is to get 3 Tintos completed in 6 days this week. #T50 was the 2nd climb, again adverse weather conditions with snow and wind at the top giving a lowly time of 71 min but Cal ran free and enjoyed every minute. Only 2 climbs to go, we’re still ahead of schedule.. (just) but have lost 43min in three climbs now, still confident we can pull this off if the weather improves.

Thank you for all the amazing support that you have given me over the last year !

2 to go !!

Beatson Tinto For Beatson #T49

#T49 Update:

Motivated by the fabulous turn out and fundraising at the MorphFit event last week this was by far the Toughest test to date! Because we always follow the same route up and down (right hand path up & down ) we got caught in a snow drift and lost probably 10min trying to navigate our way to the top. It was all worth it in the end with the stunning views and the knowledge that there is only 3 to go!!

16min lost to the clock this time so hopefully at least one of the last three will allow for a decent shot at a sub 60min..

Thank you for all your continued support! Enjoy the pics !



Beat Tinto For Beatson #T48

#T48 Update:

Its been a couple of busy weeks with T48 & T49 plus the Christmas fundraiser at the club. The weather was horrendous for T48 and looks like December will use up all the time advantage gained over the year. It was freezing conditions with gale force winds and driving rain giving us a lowly time of 72min but my 4 legged climbing buddy had the time of his life getting the hill to himself so he was not complaining! Over the past week we received another £2K of donations which is amazing and with gift aid takes the new total to £8.5k !!! Thank You Very Much 🙏

Beat Tinto For Beatson #T47

#T47 Update: Minus Temperatures for the 47th Tinto this week . With the 27th sub 60min up & down (59.48min) it ensures that the hill can’t win the head to heads ! With 5 climbs still to go we also hit the the fundraising target too! Over £5200 raised with £1000 gift aid in addition thanks to everyone who has supported this great cause. The one last challenge is to finish all 52 climbs in less than 52 hours so there’s a bit of work still to be done.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement over the past 12 months ! K

Beat Tinto For Beatson #T-6

#T46 Update:

It was fantastic to be joined for the 46th Tinto today by both  Andrew & Lynda. Conditions were fair, 9c, low cloud & a light head wind. After some recent poor times it was great to be back on the right side of 60 again inspired by the blistering pace that Andrew set pulling me up & down in 56.54min.. Thank you Andrew & thank you Lynda for looking after Cal who was officially on a rest day although he thought otherwise 🐶💨

Andrews pace was that fast even his pic is a blur! Can’t thank everyone enough for all the support I’ve received both at the hill & at the club it’s been fantastic, only 6 climbs left we’re going to smash the target 🎯!


Beat Tinto For Beatson # T-7…Look who’s Back!

update #T45:

Conditions were tough, temperature dropped to 5c this week and the ground was very heavy and muddy underfoot. Was struggling to keep up the pace my time slipped to 63.56min, but I rolled out my secret weapon for inspiration, back on the hill after a 6 month break. Between us we’ve done 60 Tinto’s this year! Thanks Cal couldn’t have done it without you 🐶



Beat Tinto For Beatson #T-8

Update #T-8:

Tammy was back! 3c with light dusting of snow & ice at the top. Tough climb today with heavy boggy conditions at the bottom and ice at the top but it was worth it just to get the views ! Wrong side of 60 again with 61.10 min so extra determination to get sub 60 next week.. I’ll be unleashing my secret weapon again soon, he’s not been there since April but hopefully he’ll pull me up and down to a better time in the not too distant future. 🐶

Thank you for your continued support!


Linda that one was for you..good luck for Tuesday !