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Beat Tinto For Beatson #T33

#T33 Update:

After a long warm dry spell the high winds returned with a vengeance. It was like a windy day in March again and a wee taste of what’s around the corner in the months ahead. It was a slow disappointing time 58.44min but still positives to be taken, 10 weeks in a row under 60min and ONLY 19 to go !!😀

As always thank you for your continued support!



Beat Tinto For Beatson #T32 😅

T32 Update:

The warm weather continued with a very hot & humid climb, only 22c this time but humidity was high and it felt much tougher. Hill was quiet this week but time was slower 57.27min. We are nearly 1 hour ahead of schedule now as we approach the last 20 climbs. Had great news today that 3 of my cousins are joining the group climb on September 1st to help raise awareness for the Beatson. The reason that we are doing it become very real again this week as my cousin that has been receiving treatment at the Beatson has had to start chemotherapy again, we are all thinking of her and it will make us doubly to finish the challenge and raise awareness.



Beat Tinto For Beatson # T31 😎

Update T31:

Conditions were tough for T31, hottest day on the hill so far this year, 25c and Sunny ☀️. Hill was super busy with another charity event but delighted to be up and down in 55.14min making it a top 5 finish. Countdown continues only another 21 climbs to go. Group event September 1st if you’d like to get involved.

Thank you for all the encouragement couldn’t do it without the continued support






Beat Tinto For Beatson #T30

#T30 Update:

We hit the T30 mark this weekend, definitely feels like we’re counting them down now. It was heavy rain for the first time in over a month, it was actually very pleasant and helped me get my 2nd best time so far 54.11min. We are 40 min now ahead of schedule so the new target is to have all the climbs completed in 51 hours, still a long way to go and some challenges with the weather ahead. Missing my climbing buddy Cal but it’s just too hot and humid for him to run the hill, he’ll be back to help me over the finishing line.

All the support is fantastic! Thank you


Beat Tinto For Beatson #T29

#T29 Update:

Week 29 brought me my 6th PB, last week I was slightly disappointed with my time this week I managed to surprise myself with a Personal Best of 53.39min and a new fastest ascent time as well climbing in 35.30min.

Can’t believe next week is then 30th Tinto already,  planning another Beatson group session on the 35th climb so keep watching and reading for further details if you’d like to participate and help me get closer to my 52 minute time challenge & #52 Tinto target!




Beat Tinto For Beatson #T28

#T28 Update:

Another dry mild day on the hill, 19c with no winds. Was slightly disappointed with 55.29min but it all counts and that’s us 30min ahead of schedule now.

Another great week of support and pledges thank you as always!

If you’d like to sponsor the Beatson you can find us at:


Beat Tinto For Beatson #T27

Update #T27:

Into the second half of the challenge with a new Personal Best, 54 min 51 sec!  so delighted to still be making progress. Weather was great again it’s only rained 3 out of the last 10 weeks now. Only 25 Tintos left and as someone pointed out this week that’s me spent more than a day on the hill! We’ve also started virtual Tinto climbs at the club as well so the new challenge for me is to match the time that the clients are taking on the climber. Only 3 climbs until we hit the 30 marker then it really is all down hill 😀

Thank you for all your continued support




Beat Tinto For Beatson #T26 HALF WAY !!!

#T26 Update:

Finally we are officially halfway! 3rd fastest time to date with 55.45min and second successive week in the 55’s. Conditions were tough: hot, humid & 23c , so happy with the time all things considered. Another good week of Sponsorship we are fast approaching £3K mark now ! Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me over the past 26 weeks. Next big target is the 30 mark, then the countdown in the teens will closely follow…

Still plenty of time to get involved if you fancy a climb!


Beat Tinto For Beatson #T25

#T25 Update:

Perfect conditions for our 25th Tinto run. No wind, sunny and 20c. 3rd fastest time recorded to date 55.56min so a good day all round. Our fundraising page saw a nice bit of activity as well thanks to Ashley, Susan and Scott. Thank you for your support and well done on beating Tinto!

With the gift aid we have passed the £2.5k mark now which is amazing. Looking forward to hitting the halfway mark this week then we can start to count it down!

Thank you again for all your continued support and encouragement