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Beat Tinto For Beatson #T-9

Update #T-9:

Well finally we’re into single figures! 9 to go. It was a really enjoyable climb today in tough conditions. Turned out it was the Tinto hill race day, unfortunately I didn’t know it was on and didn’t get the chance to compete in it. We started 26min behind the race and spent most of the ascent dodging in and out of the runners. Amazing to see how it can be done by true athletes, well done to the 200 that took part. 60min 30sec for me not too shabby in the heavy mucky conditions.

Thank you for all the continued support !

Peter ! That one was for you .. thank you for your support

Get Tinto Done #T42

Update Wk 42:

Another landmark 42 done, only 10 to go ! Hardest conditions since before Easter.. 8c, strong winds, hail & rain. Surprisingly clocked a sub 60min with 59.30min, so the rehabilitation & extra training is helping ! Thank you to everyone for your continued help and support.. Physio, gym & hill buddies!

Down to single figures next week!



Beat Tinto For Beatson #T41

T41 Update:

Only 11 to go !! Another cold wet day, extra training in the gym this week to try combat the niggles. Slight improvement on the time back down to 60.28min, felt stronger so hopefully break the 60 min next time ..


Beat Tinto For Beatson #T40

T40 Update:

40 Tinto’s completed! £5k raised thanks to all the fabulous support that I have received.. can’t thank you enough it’s for an amazing cause !

Sun was shining today but the conditions were very wet and slippy underfoot. Poor time with 62.14min, couple of niggles now after 40 consecutive weeks, so back to the gym to rehab for next week..




Beat Tinto For Beatson #T39

T39 Update:

After the last of the Summer Sun on wk 38 it was back to cold, wet & windy. Time was 60.15 min so as the wet slippy conditions come in it will be more about protecting the time advantage that was built up over the Summer but hopefully there will be a few sub 60’s before we finish.



Beat Tinto For Beatson #T38

#T38 Update: September 21st

After the extreme conditions of the high winds last week it was back to Sun & 24c this week. Slight improvement on the time but still struggling with a 61min.

Thank you to Rod for pacing me in tough conditions..

Many thanks to Lynda for her donation of £475 which takes our total with gift aid to over £5k!


Beat Tinto For Beatson # T37

#T37 Update:

Completed on 14th September it was the 3rd slowest time at 63min heading into a 50mph head wind. Weather is going to be unpredictable now until the end of the year so the 13 previous weeks at sub 60min will help keep me on track and ahead of the 52hr target.


Conditions were tough but the views great!

Thank you for your continued support:




Beat Tinto For Beatson #T36

T36 Update:

Day 2 of the Beat Tinto weekend. I was delighted to be joined by Laura and Dad Hugh along with my three cousins Stephanie, Nicole & Gillian.

The conditions were very changeable but thankfully better than Saturdays strong winds. Congratulations to everyone who took part and also for the amazing fundraising that they did for the climb. Total to be confirmed but it has taken a significant jump up which is fantastic!

Time was slightly better today 57.13min extending my 13week sub 60 run. Everyone enjoyed their day the pictures tell their own story :


Beat Tinto For Beatson #T35

T35 Update:

A double session was planned for this weekend. Saturday’s weather was brutal, 75kph head wind 💨 taking me back to similar conditions in March when the hill easily won and I slipped to the worst recorded time of the year in 65min. This time I was delighted with a 59.52min which kept my unbeaten 12 week sub 60min run going. Back home to rest up and meet up with the team in the morning.

That was in the top 3 for toughness today, hopefully better weather tomorrow!