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#T15 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T15 Update :

Conditions were good for a fast time this week: mild, drizzle & no wind but you can’t even see the hill in the background with the haze & mist.

It was first time back to back sub 60min with  a time of 56.27min. We’ve now clawed back 7.30 min against the clock in the last 2weeks giving us a total of 15hrs 8min. Plan now is to be level with the clock by the end of the month! After 15 climbs we’ve now past the height of Everest as we reach the 30,000ft mark. The score is now 10-5 in the favour of Tinto. Hopefully by the 20th climb it will be 10-10!

Thank you for all the continued support and sponsorship I couldn’t do it without it!




#T14 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T14 Update:

On the first anniversary of the La Concha fundraiser climb it was perfect conditions for the 14th Tinto climb this week. 56.03min a Personal Best by nearly 3min so the overall time is now down to 14hrs 11min. No Cal this week as he was resting, so huge thanks to Rod for pacing me and making me work harder! On Saturday April 20th we’re hoping to encourage as many people as possible to join us whether your just wanting the challenge of the hill or raising funds towards the charity. Weather permitting we will be filming the trek that week too. If you’re interested in joining us please get in touch for details of start times as they will be staggered based on ability.

As always thank you for all the support & sponsorship we are fast approaching the £1000 mark …Amazing!! www.justgiving.com/beattintoforbeatson


#T13 Beat Tinto For Beatson-Quarter of the way there!

#T13 Update

25% of the challenge done !! Probably the best conditions to date, respectable time but no records this week, super pup Cal was back from his rest and provided the much needed inspiration that was needed, felt like Nevis instead of Tinto, time clocked was 60.45min.

Was hounered to be one of the guests at the Civic reception held at the Glasgow City Chambers this week to celebrate the Beatson Cancer charity which is now 5 years old. £20m has been raised and it was fantastic to be amongst so many volunteers & fundraisers. Once you’ve seen where the money goes and how it helps the patients and families it inspires you to help in any way you can.

Weather conditions looking a bit more settled now so hopefully some faster times to come!



#T12 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T12 Update:

FINALLY one back for the Morph Team, first sub 60 min in 7weeks. Despite the rain and the snow we clocked  58.50 min. The score now stands at 9-3 in Tintos favour and a total time of 12hrs 14min. Thank you to Morph team member Andrew Macfarlane for pacing me up and down in such miserable conditions while my running partner Cal was rested for only the second time.

Thank you to the sponsors that supported us on #T12 every penny makes a huge difference we have now raised over £600. Next climb takes us 25% of the way there and hopefully some better weather soon.




#T11 Beat Tinto For Beatson

Wk 11 Update:

Another week of difficult conditions this time snow & high winds, so it was time to get out my secret weapon and get Cal to pull me up & down yet again. As a result we were quicker than last week clocking 62.38min which under the circumstances I’m happy with. Faster times to come in the weeks ahead I’m sure. Again there has been a lot of support & encouragement this week so thank you very much for that, every pound donated motivates us to get up & down one more time.


If you’d like to make a donation to the Beatson follow the attached link below :




#T10 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T10 Update:

I was hoping the 10th climb would bring a record, unfortunately it brought the wrong type with the slowest time to date 65min 29 sec. Conditions were the worst yet with 75kph head winds and that was just at the car park, I had to crawl the last couple of meters to touch the cairn the wind was so strong.

Over all time has slipped to 10 hrs 13min but I’m still confident I can make it back up. As it stands Tinto is winning 8-2 on the the time trials but as soon as the wind drops back down we’ll claw it back. It was a good week for my climbing buddy Cal to take a rest, thanks to Rod for pacing me and keeping me motivated! More sponsorship came in this week that’s what kept me going on Saturday thank you very much!

If you would like join us on a climb please get in touch

You can sponsor us at: www.justgiving.com/beattintoforbeatson

Click on the link below to get a flavour of the conditions on Saturday:


#T9 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T9 Update:

Was hoping for a fast time this week after last week, but the dreaded wind was waiting yet again, 2min slower on the ascent and a 20 min decent giving us a total time of 62min. Felt good and enjoyed the climb but hoping for calmer conditions next weekend so I can try get a new PB.

Was going to give my climbing buddy Cal a rest this week but he talked me into taking him along, as always he kept me going especially in such difficult conditions.


you can sponsor us at: www.justgiving.com/beattintoforbeatson



#T8 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T8 Update:

Was hoping for an easier climb this week but the hill was taking no prisoners again with high winds on Saturday.. was great to see some friendly faces there too, Rod paced me to the top and my colleague & good friend Carol, daughter Roisin & pup Albus were also there along with my best buddy Cal. Managed to dip under the hour mark just…… in 59.40min which is my second best time so far. Thank you to everyone for their ongoing support, encouragement and sponsorship.

Thank you to the Beatson Team and the Hamilton Advertiser for running the story this week as well.



#T7 Beat Tinto For The Beatson