Bodymorph Backs The Beatson

Team Morphfit are no strangers to challenges, but this is was challenge with a difference. This one saw us take on the Spanish munro at La Concha, but not only that, we did it in one day. Seems straightforward enough..till you realise we meant the entire trip in one day. We flew out from Glasgow, Climbed the mountain, and flew back to Glasgow all within 17 hours. Why did we do this? to raise money for The Beatson!

Each week within the Beatson we deliver our Gentle Movement Class to patients, friends & family members helping the charity make life’s better for people living with cancer.

Lets continue to support The Beatson and raise funds for the life saving work that they do.

Here’s just one persons story with the Beatson –

Claire’s Story:

On Sunday 28th August 2016 I phoned my daughter as I was feeling extremely unwell and she took me to the Emergency department at the local hospital. They did a CT scan and I was diagnosed with advanced Ovarian Cancer and was given the devastating news that it was “inoperable and incurable”. I had no previous symptoms and felt that I had been given the worst possible news.

I was immediately referred to the Gynaecology Oncology Clinic at the Beatson and from that point everything changed, as they were very positive about the treatment I would receive and the future outcome. I was given 3 sessions of Chemotherapy

(Paclitaxel and Carboplatin) and was also given the chance of joining a clinical trial using the drug Bevacizumab. After 3 sessions I was given the good news that the tumour had shrunk enough to allow an operation for removal.

I had the operation on 1st December, it was very involved and took almost 9 hours, but the 3 surgeons were confident that all traces of cancer had been removed, including part of my liver and bowel, which means that I have an ileostomy which can be reversed at some time in the future. The successful removal of the tumours was confirmed by a CT scan and all looked good.

I left hospital on the 10th December and it was imperative that complete my chemotherapy course. Unfortunately I developed problems with the wounds healing, which is a possible side effect of the trial drug, and this was again a very dark time. The Beatson collaborated with the District nurses and the tissue viability nurse and it was finally agreed on the 1st March 2017 that the wound had healed and I could resume chemotherapy treatment which finished in May 2017.

All CT scans are clear, and I am now completing the clinical trial which will end in March 2018.

It has indeed been a long hard road, and not quite over yet for me, but without the support of my family and friends combined with the constant care and monitoring from the Beatson I wouldn’t have come through this ordeal that so many people have to face. The Beatson Cancer Care hospital is an amazing place and deserves all the help and support possible to continue the wonderful work that they do. I, and so many others, cannot thank them enough.

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