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#T15 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T15 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T15 Update :

Conditions were good for a fast time this week: mild, drizzle & no wind but you can’t even see the hill in the background with the haze & mist.

It was first time back to back sub 60min with  a time of 56.27min. We’ve now clawed back 7.30 min against the clock in the last 2weeks giving us a total of 15hrs 8min. Plan now is to be level with the clock by the end of the month! After 15 climbs we’ve now past the height of Everest as we reach the 30,000ft mark. The score is now 10-5 in the favour of Tinto. Hopefully by the 20th climb it will be 10-10!

Thank you for all the continued support and sponsorship I couldn’t do it without it!




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