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#T13 Beat Tinto For Beatson-Quarter of the way there!

#T13 Beat Tinto For Beatson-Quarter of the way there!

#T13 Update

25% of the challenge done !! Probably the best conditions to date, respectable time but no records this week, super pup Cal was back from his rest and provided the much needed inspiration that was needed, felt like Nevis instead of Tinto, time clocked was 60.45min.

Was hounered to be one of the guests at the Civic reception held at the Glasgow City Chambers this week to celebrate the Beatson Cancer charity which is now 5 years old. ¬£20m has been raised and it was fantastic to be amongst so many volunteers & fundraisers. Once you’ve seen where the money goes and how it helps the patients and families it inspires you to help in any way you can.

Weather conditions looking a bit more settled now so hopefully some faster times to come!



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