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#T10 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T10 Beat Tinto For Beatson

#T10 Update:

I was hoping the 10th climb would bring a record, unfortunately it brought the wrong type with the slowest time to date 65min 29 sec. Conditions were the worst yet with 75kph head winds and that was just at the car park, I had to crawl the last couple of meters to touch the cairn the wind was so strong.

Over all time has slipped to 10 hrs 13min but I’m still confident I can make it back up. As it stands Tinto is winning 8-2 on the the time trials but as soon as the wind drops back down we’ll claw it back. It was a good week for my climbing buddy Cal to take a rest, thanks to Rod for pacing me and keeping me motivated! More sponsorship came in this week that’s what kept me going on Saturday thank you very much!

If you would like join us on a climb please get in touch

You can sponsor us at: www.justgiving.com/beattintoforbeatson

Click on the link below to get a flavour of the conditions on Saturday:


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