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[raw][faq title=”Frequently Asked Questions” before=”WANT TO LEARN MORE?”][faq_question]Do you only offer blocks of 1, 10 and 30?[/faq_question][faq_answer]No, we offer other popular packages such as 5, 20 and 50 blocks but we will accommodate to suit you.[/faq_answer][faq_question]Do you offer any sort of discount?[/faq_question][faq_answer]Yes, we cut the costs if you come in with a partner or group, the bigger the group the smaller the price.[/faq_answer][faq_question]Why should I use a Personal Trainer?[/faq_question][faq_answer]It’s just like anything else important in your life. A dentist takes care of your teeth, a doctor for health issues, and we take care of your fitness and well-being.[/faq_answer][faq_question]How can a Personal Trainer benefit me?[/faq_question][faq_answer]Our male and female personal trainers are all qualified and REPs registered. They have the experience to understand your body and your needs to assist with your goals[/faq_answer][faq_question]What if I have health issues?[/faq_question][faq_answer]We believe anyone can benefit from fitness stimulation and we deliver a programme specifically around your requirements. We have experience in training clients with various comorbidities such as; diabetes, coronary rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation and biomechanical rehabilitation such as hip and knee replacements.[/faq_answer][faq_question]I can’t afford a Personal Trainer at the moment?[/faq_question][faq_answer]Don’t worry our doors are still open to you, we have a variety of classes that you can attend £5 a class or memberships that give you even more value for money. Don’t forget you can train with a partner to cut the costs![/faq_answer][/faq][/raw]