1. The idea that there is an “ANABOLIC WINDOW” ( a particularly good time to load protein for muscle building immediately pre or post exercise) has NO evidence or scientific fact behind it.

Unless you are a weight lifter or extreme body builder you will ingest more than enough protein from a healthy mixed, balanced diet, no need for supplements or protein powders and the timing of intake is irrelevant!

2. The world of health supplements, pills potions, lotions and protein powders is still poorly regulated. Many are contaminated with heavy metals and fillers and other elements like anabolic steroids that lack safety data. There is also very poor evidence of efficacy or requirement within an otherwise healthy diet.

3. When you are looking for information about diet and health be careful of the sources of that information. The British Dietetic Association is THE GOLD STANDARD for evidence based dietary facts and guidance.

Nutritional Advice by Lorraine McCreary

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